Wild Cherry


Latin Name : Prunus avium
Description: Tall tree gives flowers and cherries
Full height : 18m+
Full Spread : 8m+
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A very attractive tree that will grow very large in time. It flowers abundantly in spring. It is a valuable habitat tree for many insects and birds and it produces small edible but tart cherries. It gives excellent Autumn colour, from deep reds to bright oranges and golden yellows. Wild Cherry also has attractive bark. Due to its size and vigorous shallow roots it is best suited to larger gardens, not too close to buildings or pavements. Cherry wood is used to make decorative veneers and furniture. The hardwood is a strong and honey-colour, and can be polished to a good, shiny brown. Good for carving and turning. The wood burns well and produces a sweetly scented smoke, similar to the scent of its flowers.

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