What spacing should I give my trees?

As a general rule we recommend 1.8m (6ft) between trees to create a woodland or small group of trees. Spacings can vary quite a bit depending on what you want to do. Call us for more details.

What space should I give a hedge plants?

30cm between plants in a single row or 6 plants per metre for a double row (ie 2 rows with 33cm between plants and 30-40cm between rows) and its best stagger the plants so they make a zigzag pattern.

When is the right time to plant?

The first week of November through to the first week of April is the dormant season and therefore the best time to plant bare root trees. However, it is important to avoid periods of very heavy rainfall or severe frost. As long as the ground thaws during the day it ok to plant.

Should I stake my trees?

Trees 1.2m or smaller do not need staking. Larger trees especially 1.8m+ will need staking and tying with a flexible rubber tie.

Where do you send to & how much does it cost?

We can send Trees to anywhere in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Packing and delivery for most orders will be €15 per order. However, larger plants and quantities will incur higher delivery charges (as much as €65 for pallet delivery). Some of our Largest trees cannot be delivered by courier and will need to be collected or we maybe able to arrange special delivery.

How soon do i need to plant trees after i receive them?

Trees need to be planted within a week, they can be stored in their bags in a shed out of the wind and hard frost. If you need more time many trees can be stored in a tight bunch in a trench in the ground as long as their roots are completely covered, like this they are fine for the winter but must be planted out by the first week in April.