Latin Name : Ilex aquifolium
Description : Small evergreen tree fully hardy, shade and coast tolerant.
Full height : 9m
Full Spread : 6m


Holly- Cuileann

Ilex aquifolium

As a Tree

Holly is a tough ever green tree, known for its spiky glossy green leaves and red berries that will survive full shade and the harshest coastal exposure, doing best in partial shade with other trees. Holly trees give berries on female plants but male and female plants are required to produce fruit, so to increase your your chance of getting berries you need a few plants. Holly is an important wildlife tree for birds and insects.
Its wood is dense and hard ideal for carving, making mallets and excellent fire wood.

As a Hedge

Holly makes a very attractive, slow-growing spiky hedge that clips very well and is an ideal evergreen to include in mixed hedges. Mixes well with beech as they grow at a similar rate giving a striking colour mix in winter of copper and dark green.

Site: tolerates coastal winds
Soil: Prefers well drained
Season of Interest: Evergreen, Summer flowers, Autumn red berries
Hardiness: Fully hardy
Height: 9m Spread: 6m
Hedge Spacings: 30cm apart for a low hedge up to 4ft, 45cm for a taller hedge

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Height of tree

40-70 CM, 70-90 CM, 100 -140 CM