Scots Pine


Latin Name : Pinus syvestris
Description: Native tall evergreen likes dry soil, tolerates poor soil, no waterlogging
Full height : 15-25m
Full Spread : 6-9m

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Scots Pine – Péine albanach

Pinus sylvestris
One of our native evergreen conifers, Scots Pine is a large evergreen tree up to 25m, with the upper trunk and branches orange-brown. With maturity the crown becomes rounded and almost flat. Scots pine is an excellent tree for poor soils, especially dry soils. Attractive to wildlife particularly nesting birds and red squirrels. Does well in a mixed forest planting and can produce fine straight ‘red deal’ timber. The heart wood is very durable suitable for outdoor cladding and furniture.
Site: Tolerates exposure
Soil: Well drained, prefers acid but lime is good too
Position: Full sun, young plant tolerate some shade
Season of Interest: All year foliage, and attractive bark and cones on established trees
Hardiness: Fully hardy
15-25m Spread: 6-9m

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