Holm Oak, Quercus Ilex



Holm oak, also known as Evergreen oak, is a large, evergreen tree with a rounded crown. The young leaves look similar to holly leaves and have white undersides, when the leaves get older they have smoother edges. In June fresh, whitish young leaves appear at the same time as yellow catkins. After being pollinated by wind, the female catkins develop into acorns, which are smaller and more pointed than those of our native penduculate oak (Quercus robur) and sessile oak (Quercus petraea).

Holm oak is tolerant of salt spray and strong winds, so is a good choice for coastal site and is often planted as a windbreak. It’s also tolerant of pollution, so can be grown in urban gardens. Holm oak can be grown as a hedge. It’s also one a good screening trees.

The holm oak is not as good for wildlife as our native oaks but the catkins are a source of pollen for bees and other insects, and large birds and small mammals eat the acorns. Its dense, evergreen canopy gives year-round shelter for birds.

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