Sweet Chestnut


Large tree,Fast growing, durable timber, edible nuts possible in good summers


Sweet Chestnut is useful tree that has been established in Ireland for hundreds of years, its fast growing and will grow into a very large tree in time up to 30m in height As it grows old it bark gets deep groves that move up the tree in a spiral fashion. Its produces long shiny green leaves that are serrated on the edges, yellow male catkins 15cm long; the female flowers at the base of the catkins are followed by the spiky, pale green cases its fruit It can produce Chestnuts that are delicious when roasted and peeled but in the west of Ireland they rarely produce well.
This tree produces a beautiful valuable timber that is very durable second only to Oak, it coppices well and splits easily, it can be used for fencing and outdoor furniture and much more. It is a favourite amongst green woodworkrs.
It grows well on light well drained soils, it will also grow well on deep rich soils, it quite versatile but will not tolerate waterlogging.

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100-120 CM, 120-150 CM, 150-180 CM