Latin Name: Prunus spinosa
Description: Hardy gives early flowers fruits good for wild life tolerates coastal sites
Full height: 5m
Full Spread: 4m



Blackthorn, Sloe – (Draighean)
Prunus Spinosa

Grown as a Tree

Blackthorn grows into a compact tree, the strong white flowers appear before the leaves and it makes a great abundance of blossom in Spring in our hedgerows across the country. The timber from blackthorn is dense, burns exceptionally well and with little smoke, it is also used to make shillelagh sticks, Blackthorn produces purple sloes that can are used in preserves and to flavour Gin. Birds love the fruits and the shelter this tree provides. Wind and coastal hardy. Will grow nearly anywhere.

Grown as a Hedge

A traditional country hedgerow plant that makes a robust, stock proof thorny hedge that is very attractive to wildlife. A blackthorn hedge is vigorous and will sucker if land next to it is not grazed or mown.

Site: Tolerates coastal exposure
Soil: Any well-drained soil, not fussy
Season of Interest: Blossom in Spring, sloes in Autumn
Hardiness: Hardy
Height: 6m Spread: 4m
Hedging Spacings: Up to 6 plants per metre in a double row for a stock proof hedge

Additional information

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Height Of Tree

30-60 CM, 60-90 CM