Coast Redwood



Coast Redwood
Sequoia sempervirens

One of the best known redwoods from the West coast of USA, Sequoia sempervirens grows to a very large and stately coniferous tree. The Coast Redwood can eventually reach heights of over 30m making it suitable for large gardens and parks. It grows well in Ireland as a specimen tree where its size and its thick, reddish, spongy bark can be shown off to advantage. Despite its name it does need some protection from coastal exposure. It is known to be among the tallest living tree species. Fine specimens can be found in parks and Arboretums throughout Ireland. Can grow upto 1m per ye

Site: Tolerant of inland exposure, thrives with other trees planted nearby.
Soil: Well drained, but moist soils are best for vigorous growth (2-3ft per year)
Position: Full sun
Season of Interest: All year foliage, interesting bark feature and cones
Hardiness: Fully hardy, hard frosts can damage the foliage but tree will quickly recover
Height: 60-100ft (18-30m) Spread: 25-40ft (7.5-12m)