Duke Blueberry


Early season
High yields
Availabe in 9cm pots

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Duke is a vigorous, deciduous shrub, growing up to 6’6”/2m, and with an upright habit, sometimes the weight of fruit makes the branches droop. This blueberry is a heavy, reliable cropper. The medium-to-large, pale blue berries are firm, keeping longer in the fridge than most blueberries, and have a good, sweet flavour; they ripen over a long period. In spring, the bush is covered with little white flowers, very attractive to pollinators, and in autumn the small deep green leaves turn red and yellow. Blueberry Duke flowers late but ripens early, making it a ideal choice for colder areas. Blueberries must have acid soil ph 4-5.5, but can also be grown in large pots in ericaceous compost.
Partly self fertile but will crop better with a different variety of bluberry nearby.