Latin Name : Carpinus betulus
Discription : Suits wet ground
Full height : 25m
Full Spread : 18m


Grown as a Tree

A great tree for damp ground, Hornbeam makes a elegant upright tree when mature, it is good alternative to Beech if the ground is Heavy and wet, ideal for the Irish climate. The wood is heavy and hard and is used for tool handles; it also burns hot and slowly, making it a very suitable tree for growing for firewood.

Grown as Hedging

Hornbeam make good hedging, it can be kept small or left grow into a tall hedge. When clipped, it holds its straw coloured leaf throughout the Winter and even though it is deciduous, a densely planted hedge provides a year-round screen. Hornbeam will grow in any soil, it is wind hardy and is one of the few hedges that can be safely recommended for very damp sites.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
height of tree

30-60 CM, 60-90 CM