Hawthorn (Whitethorn)


Latin Name : Crataegus monogyna
Description: Tolerates exposure and damp, flowers in may fruits in autumn
Full height : 4-8m
Full Spread :4- 8m
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Hawthorn or Whitethorn- Sceach gheal

Crataegus monogyna
As a Tree
Hawthorn also known as Whitethorn makes a stunning small stand alone, with thorny branches that are covered in white flowers in May and an abundance of red berries in Autumn. Fruit can be made into jelly or chutney. Tradionally known as the fairy tree and considered unlucky to cut down.
As a Hedge
Hawthorn, Whitethorn is the most common hedgerow tree. It makes a fantastic neat deciduous hedge as it clips well but can also be left to grow. . A very important species that supports lots of wildlife. It will grow in most soils and will take wind and coastal exposure.
Site: Will tolerate inland and coastal exposure
Soil: Any reasonable soil other than very wet
Season of Interest: Blossom in Spring, berries in Autumn
Hardiness: Fully hardy
Height: 4-8m Spread: 4-8m
Hedging Spacings: Up to 6 plants per metre in a double row for a stock proof hedge

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