Ecklinville Seedling


Cooker, early polination, group 4
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1year old.

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Ecklinville seedling is a cooking apple orginally from Portaferry, near Belfast. It was once widely grown commercially. Very large, round, flattened fruit, pea-green turning to yellow, with dots of russet and a ‘greasy’ skin; it bruises easily, which is not a problem for home growers. The flesh is soft, white, juicy and with an outstanding flavour, not too sharp, cooking to a delicious purée; also one of the best bakers. Ecklinville Seedling produces good crops,its growth is vigorous and easy to prune; spur-bearer. Good resistance to scab.

Site: Some shelter
Soil: Any reasonably well drained
Position: Crops best in full sun
Pick: Early September
Keep: September–October
Pollination: Pollination Group 4 (pollinates with Groups 3, 4 and 5)
Uses: Cooking apple

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