Ard Cairn Russet Apple


Mid/ Late dessert apple, easy to grow.

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Ard Cairn Russet is Irish heritage eating apple, it was discovered in Co. Cork in 1890, and named for the nursery which propagated it. The apples are round, medium-sized, and a golden russet with an orange-red flush. The flesh is cream-coloured, dry and sweet, lacking acidity, and with a distinctive, banana-like taste. The tree is upright and spreading, and moderately vigorous. A spur-bearer, and a prolofic cropper, Ard Cairn Russet is a healthy tree with good resistance to scab. It is an easy tree to grow and will do well in most areas including damp sites.
Pick: Late September
Ripe: September
Keeps: September til December
Flowering group: 4 (pollinates with Groups 3, 4 and 5)

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